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Lessons learnt

I have been participating a 21 day challenge on facebook each month for the last three months. To say the last three months have had their ups and downs would be an understatement. I have struggled and this past month havent interacted as much as i would like but I have been consistently grateful for the people in my life, for the ability to work during a time where the world is seemingly out of control, for connection through all the new and innovative ways that we have had to find this year. I am grateful for opportunities that come my way. 

One of the hardest things most of us struggle with is accepting the beautiful gift of gratitude from others, we feel comfortable giving thanks, giving compliments and praise but often (very) uncomfortable recieving the same. A long time ago I started to say thank you when given a compliment instead of doing the usual brush off that we all seemingly automatically do and noticied that I started to feel more comfortable with this. When someone give us a gift we should say thank you instead of oh you shouldnt have. if someone goes out of their way to do or give you something if we value them then thank you is the obvious response.

This week i was struggling emotionally from a few things happening in my world and out of the blue i was given a beautiful gift of appreciation from a lady I love and respect. 
I haven't reshared it here to blow my own trumpet but to remind myself that I am good enough, I am appreciated, that when i do what feels right for me, when i do what i do, when i can, however i can - big or little actions, they are noticed, they do make an impact. Thank you Michelle for the beautiful words, for seeing me, for lifting me. But it didnt stop there....
Next time I'm feeling not enough I have these amazing uplifting words from some amazing people to remind me that I am and i thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 
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