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GROW Workshop

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After the success of my first Mindmapping workshop last month and the feedback from the morning, I have created a fun full day (okay 5 hours including a lunch and coffee breaks) working on your business with you. The GROW workshop is capped at five participants so that everyone can achieve the goals of the day with a little help. 

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If 2022 is the year for you to grow your ideas and create your own business but not sure how to get your ideas out there, then the GROW workshop is for you.  

We will be spending the day immersed in your business. You will need to bring your laptop or tablet with you and we will work on getting all those notes and ideas organised into your goals, your bio, your vision, your mission, your pillars and more. 

Need a logo? We can work on that too.  

Need some direction for your socials? We can work on that too. 

It is time to get all the ideas out of your head, off the scraps of paper and into an editable document that you can use in your business. 

2022 has been a defining point in my business. This year I have put all the years of training and networking together and will demystify some of the basic business concepts that we have all heard about but often scratched our heads about. This is year for the first time I have a vision, a mission statement and five pillars which I run my business endeavours under. Our first teaser workshop was on Mindmapping to start the process of clearing all those ideas out of our minds and onto paper and starting to form our pillars, vision and mission statements.  

The GROW workshop takes this one step further and we will be looking at the following: 

  • mindmapping - a simple process of exploring ideas. 
  • content pillars - the core values of you and your business and the messages you want to convey in all your marketing and business dealings. 
  • your assets - what knowledge, experience, ideas do you bring to the table? 
  • vision - what is you why, your reason for your business. 
  • mission - how you see yourself achieving your vision. 
  • brainstorming - have an idea but not sure where to take it, brainstorming with a small group of likeminded people often helps us get a clearer idea. 
  • logos - something that is instantly recognisable as your business and can be used across your website and social platforms. 
  • branding - what colours, fonts, formats, represent you and your business. 
  • canva brand kit - a great resource for building consistency across your socials. 
  • defining your ideal client/avatar - who are you selling to? Who will use your services? 
  • setting up required social media channels - facebook, instagram, linkedIn, Google, all quite different platforms and we will look at which platforms are right for you and your business. 
  • explore simple website designs  
  • creating a basic social media strategy - we all have to start somewhere. 
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At the end of the workshop, you will have clear idea and plan in place to help you move forward with your business or business idea.  

This workshop is for three to five participants, no big screens or complicated concepts. This is a small intimate workshop where we will all work together to create small business foundations on which you can GROW your business.  

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FOOTNOTE: I have been attending a course at TAFE for which this blog is part of my assessment. The workshop discussed is actual and more information can be found on facebook - click this button to take you directly to the event: 


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