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What I've learnt & experienced this week 

Over a year ago a funny little video came across our screens and because one of the dancers looked eeriely like a dear friend it was shared (more than once) with everyone saying that looks like fun & we should do that. Our dear friend Tina started talking seriously about actually giving it a go and we all said we are in. Here is the first version and the one in purple looks like Tina
The idea was growing momentum when covid hit and the world was cancelled. But in the background the idea was growing. 

(This blog explores some of the history of this dance

As 2020 got stranger and stranger the idea kept growing. So last week a group of women, not all known to each other, gathered at Tina's house and made brooms. Branches, twigs, shrubery and many other things where intertwined, wrapped and during this lots of conversations and laughter was had while we all created. Age, background, beliefs, education, none of this mattered, this was a group of women inspiring and empowering each other to create something new.

As i drove home i did think alot about this day and how the activities of the day interwove with my beliefs and then I remembered the conversations. The conversations is what this day was really about, the meeting of new people, the discussions about our futures, our careers, our families. Women who inspired each other to be better versions of themselves, women who empowered each other to try new things. This wasn't a day about pagan rituals and recruiting people to the dark side or changing belief systems, this was about women lifting each other up, accepting that we are all different and not judging each other for our beliefs but accepting of each others journeys and experiences.
Fast forward to today and rain had been predicted all week, storms predicted for today but the plan was to go ahead with our planned get together, I was running a little late as I had to run my children around to various activities before I could join the group. The plan was to learn some of the dance moves, have a bit of a choregraphed practice session then perform the dance and then feast together. As the time approached the weather worsened and I actually got caught in a massive down pour not far from Tina's. As I arrived there was just a sprinkle of rain and I joined everyone in the backyard for the practice. Being late I didnt get to meet everyone but felt welcomed by all anyway. With a few (okay a lot) of giggles, dodgy hip movements, wrong turns we finally had something that looked pretty good and we were ready to go all in and do our performance dance.
Afterwards is when, once again the real magic happened, the conversations, the meeting of new friends, the sharing of food and lots of laughter. One conversation in particular reminded me why we where all there. Last week one of the lovely ladies told us she had been wanting to study for a career change but considered herself too old to be embarking on a new path. Last week we all shared stories about career changes, new opportunities and especially how age didnt matter, This week this lovely lady has enrolled in her course and is preparing to study. Made my heart sing. This is why women need to get together, to support each other, to lift each other, to inspire and empower each to be the best version of ourselves. 
Thank you to all the beautiful people who participated today and may we all continue to find ourselves, strengthen our beliefs, connect with the earth and each other and dance in the rain like nobody's watching (and steal bubba cuddles whenever the opportunity arises)

PS and the rain held off all afternoon until I was driving home and once again got caught in some huge downfalls. 
I knew that my thoughts about yesterday where too big for a facebook post so i wrote a blog instead. The fact that people read it blows me aware but to have these amazing women share it and others quote from it is mind boggleing. it really was a day of more than just a dance xx
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